President's hotels offer ABA member discounts

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ICYMI: New details emerge about Nigerian, Italian politicians’ visits

Be sure to check out yesterday’s 1100 Pennsylvania:

  • Nigerian presidential candidate holds town hall at U.S. president’s hotel

  • Italian deputy minister of foreign affairs meets Trump’s personal advisors at Trump’s hotel

American Bar Association announces 2019 member discounts at Chicago, New York hotels

Last week the American Bar Association—a group which likely has members who represent President Trump in the courts, work for plaintiffs who’ve filed suit against him, serve as judges presiding over cases involving the president, and are federal or state lawmakers—announced its 2019 first quarter hotel deals for members. The 37 properties offering promotions included the Trump Hotels in Chicago and New York (room upgrades, complimentary premium WiFi, and a hotel credit or discounts).

As of last June, Trump’s D.C. hotel offered ABA members a similar deal, with the hotel’s director of corporate sales even alerting some ABA members to its offer via email. The D.C. property, however, appears to no longer be participating in the ABA’s member-discount program.

Representatives of both the Trump Org and the D.C. hotel did not respond to an email in June asking if ABA’s members’ political and legal connections had anything to do with their decision to offer the group this discount.

Conservative media use photo of Native American elder protesting at hotel in 2017 to try to discredit his account of weekend confrontation

Some conservative media outlets are using a 2017 image of Nathan Phillips playing a drum in front of the Trump Hotel D.C. in an attempt to discredit the Native American veteran’s account of his run-in with a student group outside the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday.

Both Big League Politics and Gateway Pundit ran articles about the photo, using it to describe Phillips as having “a history of left-wing and anti-Trump activism” (Big League Politics) and being a “liberal activist” (Gateway Pundit). Neither article explains why those categorizations should discredit Phillips’s account of what transpired Saturday though.

The photo shows Phillips on April 27, 2017 participating in the Indigenous Environmental Network’s Native Round Dance “to send a message to the Trump administration and its corporate interests that our Native resistance will not be silenced.” The protest took place on the sidewalk in front of the hotel’s Pennsylvania Avenue facade.

Your correspondent observed that demonstration, which drew maybe a couple of hundred people when I was there at 9 p.m. The only inconvenience my notes mention was that some passersby had to briefly step into the street to get around participants on the crowded sidewalk. Inside the hotel, at its lobby bar, the round dance was barely audible, much less disruptive. It was over by 10:05 p.m. A video clip The Washington Post published the day after the protest also doesn’t give any reason to discredit a participant’s account of an unrelated event two years later.

Noteworthy sightings

Today News Africa reports that Nigerian Senate president Bukola Saraki and Rep. Nnenna Ukeje Elendu also were at the Trump Hotel D.C. late last week with presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

The hotel’s managing director, Mickael Damelincourt, shared “great feedback” from a guest that called the hotel “the most expensive” she or he has ever stayed at.

Legal cases, current status (latest change, Jan. 11, 2018)

Health inspections, current status (latest change, Aug. 10, 2018)

  • ❌Hotel: five violations on May 7, 2018; two were corrected on site

  • ❌BLT Prime and Benjamin Bar: nine violations on Aug. 10, 2018

  • ❌Sushi Nakazawa: two violations on Aug. 10, 2018

  • ✔️Banquet kitchen: no violations on Aug. 10, 2018

  • ❌Pastry kitchen: two violations on Aug. 10, 2018

  • ✔️Gift shop: no violations on May 7, 2018

  • ❌Employee kitchen and in-room dining: five violations on Aug. 10, 2018; two were corrected on site

Other Trump Organization news

  • ‘Even if he did do it, it wouldn’t be a crime’: Rudy Giuliani on President Trump” by Isaac Chotiner for The New Yorker

  • Ivanka Trump’s company received preliminary approval from the Chinese government for another five trademarks this month, as her father’s administration pushes ahead on trade negotiations with China.” By CBS News.

  • “Nine days after Donald Trump won the presidency, as scores of supporters clamored for meetings with his transition team, the Hollywood producer of ‘The Apprentice,’ Mark Burnett, reached out to one of Trump’s closest advisers to see if he would sit down with a banker who has long held ties to Russia.By Matthew Mosk, Katherine Faulders, John Santucci for ABC News.

  • Russian singer Emin Agalarov, who reportedly arranged Trump Org EVP Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer, canceled his U.S. tour. He made the announcement in front of a backdrop showing a planned Trump development in Moscow. Via Seth Hettena on Twitter.

One thing that has nothing to do with Trump’s businesses (I think, tough to tell sometimes!)

Don’t doubt what you saw with your own eyesby Laura Wagner for Deadspin

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